Why get a builder when You can build it?
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Renovations can be big and sometimes stressful events. In my case, our house needed an extension to the lounge room and two bedrooms, a balcony, new gutters, new windows, a new kitchen, bathrooms, lights, floors, and window coverings. A big project. Even though I am an enthusiastic interior designer, the project looked daunting as I do not have any experience in dealing with the actual building process, i.e. producing building plans, council application and approval process, engaging with engineers, carpenters, concreters, compliance and certification .

When James explained the concept of “U can build it” it was the perfect solution for us. James provides expertise, guidance and support throughout the whole renovation and shares his extensive knowledge and help where needed. We can still do a lot ourselves, while at the same time, we work with someone who has decades of hands on building experience, who is well respected in the building industry and who can just about tackle any unforseen challenge. James brings with him a good team of trade people when needed. He simply is invaluable for the project that we are undertaking.
Working within the concept of “U can build It” makes you feel part of the team, rather than trying to struggle on your own as home renovators and we are looking forward to a great result.

North Haven
Dated 15 February 2013

-Phil and Hermina Burnett

“U can build it“ has filled a gap that I was starting to think didn’t have a solution. I want a mix of do-it-myself and sub-contracted work to complete my home renovation, but do not have the formal qualifications in the building industry to sign off compliance and offer the appropriate building insurances. James, has provided me with both the mechanism to achieve this as well as the safety net to give me confidence that I will be getting it right the first time.
Currently in the early stages of my renovation, James has been enthusiastic and responsive in supporting me get the outcome I want. He has enhanced my renovation experience through his preparedness to be a sounding board for my ideas and plans, and by sharing his extensive building knowledge and understanding through advice on suppliers, construction methods and inspection of trade work.

Kings Park, SA


Hi James,
Thank you SO much for your reports. I was hoping to send a more formal letter to you today, however I have run out of time.
We are SO impressed by your reports & would never think twice about calling you again. I currently own 14 properties & have bought & sold many others. Naturally, every property I purchase, I have a building inspection. Your report is the most comprehensive & valued reports I have ever received.

I currently mentor perspective property investors & also have a part time BDM position in a real estate company. I will be passing your name onto everybody I come in contact with!!
Thank you again for you assistance & I will call you again for our next building inspection.

Entrepreneur & Property Mentor

-Prue Muirhead

I would like to say that your building inspection was wonderful and very professional and ever do affordable! If it wasn't for James and John we would have bought the property and found our self in more debt than need be. Your report was very professional, in depth, clear to understand and read.
Once again thank you very much and hopefully we can use you again in our search to find the perfect property.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

-Chrisoula and Kerry Dyer
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