Why get a builder when You can build it?
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Build Your own  design on the land of your choice,We can Arrange all your trades and manage the project for you.
Buy at builders rates.Get great savings and a great finish product

Oh , and yes we can draw up the plans for council approval and submitted

Determining what you can afford to build. In house of Developing a complete set of plans on cad.
Obtaining Planning and Building development approval from council


  • Analyzing factors which influence cost per square meter that has an  impact on the home design/renovation and your budget
  • Establishing the description of materials (specifications)
  • Understanding the level of detail needed in custom specifications.
  • A system to organize materials, models and colour selections, Funding your building project, Estimating material and labor costs
  • Options for obtaining a construction loan, A review of lender requirements, Summarizing your cost breakdown, Managing construction inspections for quality control, BCA regulations code & compliance
  • Review alternative methods to saving on costs of energy efficiency star rating.
  • Developing good relationships with subcontractor proposals, reviewing contracts, selecting and hiring subcontractors and  payment schedules and use of retainages.System for maintaining tight control over your costs.
  • Guidelines for estimating foundation, framing, roofing, brick, cladding, trim, flooring and other areas of the home.
  • Sequence of events with construction procedures and timelines (ie lead time of deliveries and orders)
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy and signing off Reg. 83A&B of statement of compliance
Franchise Opportunities Available!

If you are looking to build but don’t know what you are up against, you need to talk to U Can Build It.
U Can Build It can arrange all your trades and manage the project for you which will save you time and hassle! We can help with everything - including developing a complete set of plans, obtaining planning and building approvals, site safety (OHSW and SWMES), guide you on funding your project and staying within budget, assist with obtaining construction loans, inspections for quality control and compliance, achieve savings on energy efficiency ratings, manage subcontractors, review contracts and obtain all relevant certificates and compliance!
You deal direct with quality tradesman and buy at builders rates, great savings with a great final product! Just imagine the savings, YOU build on the land of YOUR choice or renovate at a FRACTION of the cost you’d normally pay!